Who We Are

The Shumon Momen Foundation is a charity trust formed in memory of Shumon who died of leukaemia on 24th February 1992.

Our Aims

Two-pronged attack on the issue- promotion of medical knowledge and research into cancer including leukaemia. We aim to support all patients, their carers in all diseases, as well as encouraging education and communication in this field.

We encourage charities operating overseas for advancement of education by means of scholarship and funds. The workmen in the tea estate of Bangladesh have been indentured labourers since the British first planted tea in 1860. The plight of these workmen and their descendants persisted after independence all throughout the erstwhile East Pakistan to this day in the People's Republic of Bangladesh. The children are still working in the tea estate deprived of health, education and all basic amenities of life. The step to give them education is the first justice towards these people. That is why we help finance the Schools - Under - The - Sky sponsored by Toc - H. We raise fund through the Shumon Momen Concert every year held in collaboration with Thomas Buxton School in London Borough of Tower hamlets. All proceeds from the sale of tickets and donations go to support the Shumon Momen School under the sky which Toc - H pioneered. In order to learn more about this project and different projects operated by KYAG click on khasdobir

Two books of poems for charity for children originally written in English by Shumon aged 12, posthumously published in 1995 by his parents. The tragedy, which fell upon the Momen family, has been uniquely translated into positive action - a fund raiser for leukaemia. The beautiful words from a tragic poet have been turned into terrific achievement. Just as charity begins at home, partnership also begins at home. All proceeds from the sale of books will go to charity for leukaemia. The two volumes are priced at £6.99 and £4.99 respectively.

Why We Care

There is a need for people to be informed on all aspects of treatment. We believe that people who are given information show improved rate of recovery.

What We Do

  • To support or otherwise help research in leukaemia.
  • Finance Anthony Nolan Trust and other similar Organisations.
  • Promote children's education in the tea estate in Sylhet district of Bangladesh.
  • Encourage children's literacy activities in Bangladesh.

How You Can help

We know from our experiences, people are not proactive, but reactive towards charities. They show their generosity only when they see a disaster on television or newspaper headlines. Many of these are almost forgotten because of lack of publicity. Please do not turn your face from these charities.