Sharafat Ibn Momen alias Momen (DOB 20.12.79) died on 24.2.92 at 8.30PM at Hammersmith Hospital. He died at adeno pneumonia, an infection which spread from his bladder to his lunges. Ironically, he had overcome and beaten the fatal disease for which he had been admitted namely chronic myeloid LEUKAMIA . Alas, he finally succumbed to Allah's will but for those who knew him, he throughly enriched their lives for the twelve years that he was with them. his drive and ability knew no bounds specially in the last two years of his life. All through the incapacity of his diseas, he stood on courageously with a sense of humour and dignity which I have never seen with any other boy of his age. He actively pursued his membership with "The Drive Cub-Scouts in Ilford" and for his services he was awarded first prize for the best behaved cub in the pack. He enjoyed playing chess as a hobby and participated in chess compititions for the cubs. At home he published his own composed poems and won first prize for his efforts at Wanstead Library for two consecutive years until the competition ceased. in addition, his membership of London Borough of Redbridge libraries saw him take part regularly in book reviews and for these, too, he was awarded prizes. As if this was not enough, he played the tabla as well and on a number of occasions he played with his mother whilst she sang.

Of his sporting achievements, again, he was enthusiastic. at redbridge Infants and Junior school, he won first prize in the sprint race. He once wrote in a school article "my ambition is running". his last achievement is perhaps his passing of the 11-plus examination and winning a place at the well-reputed Ilford Grammer School Which he started attending last September as a first year student.

The death of any young person is hard to bear but it was much harder in this case since the life of such a vigorous son is not easy to replace. In this boy there was so much talent which could not be realised but we must now look forward to the future. We shall never forget him from our hearts and all the best times that we shared with him.

may be it was his destiny to depart from this world at such a young and tender age but his presence will always linger on as he stressed in his will. he confined in both of his parents that it was his wish to open an orphanage in Bangladesh and that he would dedicate his life to LEUKAMIA research. His ambition will remain pious wishes.

Momen leaves behind his bereaved parents and an elder brother and a host of friends and well-wishers. We pray for his soul with all our hearts.

Written by- M A Momen