Shumon Momen Foundation

Shumon aged 12 died of LEUKAEMIA cancer in 1992. His family has published his written book of poems and established 'Shumon Momen Foundation' charity in order to help cancer research LEUKAEMIA. Many papers, magazines, websites and organizations have written on him and the chariry.

Beautiful Words from a Tragic Talent

Brave Shumon's poems will help other LEUKAMIA victims fight disease ...

By Michael Mullen, Guardian & Gazette Series, April 3, 1997

Cardiac Support Group

As a result of this sad event they went on to form the Shumon Momen Foundation a charity groug, to help and support research into LEUKAMIA. To finance in part the Anthony Nolan Trust and other Organisations, to promote children's education in the tea estate in Shylet district of Bangladesh and ...

King of Hearts, Cardiac Support Group, Newsletter No 15 May 2002

Not Even Death Can Vanquish Him

... His ambition was to open an orphanage in Bangladesh to serve the homeless and the distressed and to dedicate his life to LEUKAMIA ...

By R. B. Rashid, The Daily Star, Sep 25, 1993

Oxfam Development Education

Shumon Momen Foundation is a charity trust, established in memory of Shumon Momen , a Bangladeshi boy who died of LEUKAMIA in 1992. Its aims are to: Raise money and supprt research into LEUKAMIA including ...

Oxfam Development Education, Issue 9, June 2002